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What's the Matta

Old rugs for new homes

We chose the name What's the matta as it is a play on words. Matta being Swedish for Carpet and it does very much matter what goes on your floor.

Harvey Page started his rug career working with Fairman Carpets of Notting hill in London, antique and oriental carpets and later specialists

in modern Gabbeh and Nomadic Iranian Tribal pieces. As the 5th generation in a family of carpet experts , my carpet education started under the guidance of my parents John and Serina Page as well as receiving tutorage from some of the best London dealers from the 80's, such as Robert Franses and Joe Hajioff to name but two great names and so I learned my trade.

Chinese and Tibetan rugs were our trade mark in the 80's and in the 90's Fairman Carpets hosted one of the largest Tibetan Rug exhibitions the world has seen,The Woven Mystery. 10 years later we were to host another exhibition, this time of Felines on rugs called the 'Cat sat on the Mat'.

It was here where many Nomadic pieces from South west Iran we shown as a collection for the first time. The exhibition as hosted rugs from China and Tibet. The likes of some of these cat designs you will still see coming onto the market today.

In the mid 90's and early 2000 changed mostly to modern examples of the worlds best carpets available and so we continued to provide our clientel with some of the best handmade carpets the world could provide.

The carpet world was a changing fast and with the reintroduction of vegetable dyes and weaving techniques was to change the textil world forever.

Still today a Gabbeh connoisseur and I continue to source both modern and beautiful rugs and carpets. I am very anti the mass produced cheap quality carpets that are flooded and sold to the public because there is so much more on offer than the average rug you are offered on market today and this is where the second hand market comes into its own.

The large all under one roof suppliers who have it all have still not got it right.

Today I am passionate about all rugs old and new. I see designs coming back onto the market that have not been seen for decades and it reminds me of my youth where these originals were just starting to fade away.

There are both fantastic reproductions and originals being made today and better that will inturn should they survive the test of time be wonderful relics for generations to come.

Carpets are part of a bright, colourful, soft and wonderful world filled with intrigue, mystery and history. Used as art, table cloths, wall hangings, bedding, clothing, tent walls, bags, cushions, money purses, grain containers, doors ways, curtains, hats, animal adornment, saddles even shoes how can one not love the weaving world.

It has been a privilege having worked for one of the most respected oriental carpet companies in London if not the UK.

Why Us?

A good question. The carpet and rug world is filled with pit falls and trickery. Something we have tried to stamp out over the years but to no avail.

We hate the private people being tricked or sold a carpet for vast sums of money only to find next week its in a half price sale. I very much dislike the bazaar type approach to a trade that I love very much.

Reputation is everything and everything has a value.

Children love rolling around on rugs.